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๐Ÿ“š Advertising's Next Evolution: Paid Search + AI

Paid search and Google Grant Considerations in the Time of AI

Sam Chavez
Sam Chavez

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We continue the potentially lifequaking changes to Google search as they introduce their AI solutions. This week, we dive deeper into paid search, how this could impact your Google Grants campaigns, and how to respond as we inch closer to giving season. Read on for more...

We will be off for the first week in July. We'll pick back up on July 11

Giving Season In Question?

During election years, digital advertising gets more expensive for everyone. We strategized around election year ad spending even in my Fortune 500 corporate marketing days. However, 2024 is proving to be even more challenging for advertisers beyond the usual election inventory shortage.

The internet is in its transformation era. Big Tech's shiny new toy, AI, is playing a big role as well as the looming threat of third-party cookies going away. The more AI images, videos, and writing infiltrates the world wide web, the harder it will be for real human-made to be seen. Google is facing an existential threat because Google search has been the doorway to the internet for so many people for years.

Since Giving Season is quickly approaching and non-profits are experiencing drops in their website traffic, I wanted to offer a few considerations for paid search campaigns whether they are Google Grants or not.

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