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Email from Team AOC, February 2024

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Why Can't Email Be Fun?

Sam Chavez
Sam Chavez

If my inbox has anything to say, it's very clearly an election year. When I started the year, my inbox was overflowing with candidates from all levels flooding my inbox with fundraising requests.

Democracy Needs You!!
Sam, Can We Count On You?
We're Behind on Our Goal!

Back then, I was filled with dread when I went to open my inbox. I didn't want to comb through the alarmist subject lines to find the one or two emails of quality that were buried. That's when I decided to go on an email-cleansing detox. I spent a few minutes each morning unsubscribing to emails I didn't want anymore.

What has remained in my inbox are mostly emails of quality from a few choice candidates, organizations, and causes. The same theme that emerges from all of them is that I want to open their emails. I enjoy seeing what they are sending me.

Informing Your Audience

I won't reveal my full list, but one notable communicator that remains in my inbox is AOC. It's no secret that Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is a great communicator, but it's also true that the Democratic Party should be learning a lot more from her about how to connect with voters.

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