Imagination is Revolutionary

Sam Chavez
Sam Chavez

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Iโ€™ve got space on my mind. Wednesdayโ€™s full moon energy is strong this week. And NASA just released stunning images of space.

And I mean STUNNING! The images of stars and galaxies from 13 billion years ago stopped me right in my tracks. These images of whatโ€™s really out there beyond our galaxy are more than any SciFi movie can even come close to showing us (Sorry Mr. Lucas).

NASAโ€™s Webb Reveals Cosmic Cliffs, Glittering Landscape of Star Birth

Space is a great reminder for humanity, especially at this time in our history.

2022 feels like a speck, a blip when looking at images from 13 billion years ago. And thatโ€™s kind of the point. Space reminds us that we are but one human on a planet of 8 billion people in one galaxy of a universe with endless galaxies.

Space is humbling. It reminds us that we are connected whether we want to be or not. The things that feel big in our daily lives usually come into perspective when thinking about the long arch of our and the universesโ€™ lives. And it helps clarify what is really important: the love of friends and family, the nourishment that our planet has to offer, and the lasting joys of our experiences.

To me, space is inspiring. I am inspired by the endless possibilities of a future that has yet to unfold. So many possibilities that it means I have agency to help shape that future for good.

And space also excites! Itโ€™s the reason that little boys and girls (and maybe some adults who like to write weekly newslettersโ€ฆ) build Lego spaceships or watch Star Wars on repeat. Without even knowing it, space can grow our imagination.

Imagination is Revolution

One of the most radical acts that oppressed people can do is imagine.

It sounds simple but itโ€™s powerful.

The goal of oppressive regimes is to focus on the short-term, to narrow your view. If you keep people fearful and constantly on edge, then they donโ€™t have the capacity to revolt and use the power that they have within themselves.

Imagination has been a powerful tool throughout history. Itโ€™s how many Jews were able to withstand Nazi concentration camps, how trans people have survived when others try to make them invisible, and how slaves endured the worst of U.S. slavery. By holding onto their imagination, they could hold onto what could be and do everything they could to protect themselves and survive.

Imagination challenges what is. Creativity pushes outside the status quo and asks us if we want the world to be the way that it is. Thereโ€™s a reason the LGBTQ+ community is known for its creativity. We live outside the binary that society tries to hold in place. Creativity opens our eyes to possibilities.

We are at a time of oppression. Women and marginalized groups are being attacked and our rights are being stripped away. We need imagination more than ever.

Letโ€™s Play!

The onslaught of bad news makes it hard to want to play, but play is what will get us through these difficult times.

I encourage you to find something playful outside of your daily routine. Pick out a bold or colorful outfit for the day! Get lost in the woods or your favorite trail listening to music. Did you use to draw or doodle? Try doodling while you watch Netflix instead of picking up your phone for the 96th time. When was the last time you picked up your guitar or played the piano?

How will you play?

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