Celebrating Our Wins

Sustaining a Movement Requires Celebration

Sam Chavez
Sam Chavez

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๐Ÿค“ Bite-Sized Knurd: After a summer of dismay, progressives can finally point to a few wins. We must celebrate them loudly and clearly to help sustain our movement.

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Lately, Iโ€™ve been thinking about joy in activism.

I think we can all admit that this summer hasnโ€™t been great. With the series of horrendous SCOTUS rulings, inflation woes, January 6 revelations, extreme heat, and other climate disasters, itโ€™s not really been that relaxing time of year where we can all take a break and take life a little less seriously.

To put it lightly, the last few months have been a drag for progressive activists. The constant news is enough to throw a big weighted blanket over your head and blast Maggie Rogersโ€™s new album on repeat.

The attacks on peopleโ€™s rights, our democracy, and our planet have been relentless over the last few months. And while Iโ€™ll admit, I have definitely chosen the weighted blanket option a few times, we need to find joy in the progressive movement to make sure that we sustain ourselves and others.

Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™ve cautiously begun to feel...dare I say itโ€ฆhope?

Is That Hope I Feel?

After a tumultuous summer, August has been full of... positive surprises!

Is all of this news everything progressives wanted? Of course not. It would be great if we could have affordable childcare in the IRA bill. Abortion is still illegal in many states and many states are using private Facebook messages against children to send them to jail.

Itโ€™s not all peaches and roses.

Itโ€™s rare (but not impossible!) to change things overnight. I wish that there was less fossil fuel support in the IRA bill. I wish Roe was still the law of the land. I wish that working families could afford their groceries.

While we continue to reach for lofty goals to protect our planet, make sure people have their basic needs met, and strengthen our democracy, we still need to celebrate what weโ€™ve achieved.

Letโ€™s Celebrate

What You Need to Know About the Inflation Reduction Act

So 88 days out from the Midterms, itโ€™s time for us to take a second to celebrate. Our activism worked. Kansas activists worked tirelessly to spread the message that banning abortion is taking away personal freedoms. Climate activistsโ€™ incessant push toward progress has allowed us to move closer to a zero-emission economy.

When youโ€™re in the depths, itโ€™s hard to see the progress that your work makes. But itโ€™s out there. And we can and should shout it from the rooftops.

If youโ€™re feeling hopeful, celebrate by spreading the word. Talk to your friends and family about whatโ€™s in the Inflation Reduction Act. Everyoneโ€™s living their daily lives and is often turned off by the news. Make sure people know what Democrats have done to support the people in the U.S.

While Republicans continue to push culture wars and vilify our neighbors, Democrats are working to reduce inflation and help ease peopleโ€™s everyday lives.

Think what else we can do with an expanded majority in the Senate, the House, and in state and local races. These wins are just the beginning, but they are here and they are real. Congrats!!

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