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๐ŸŒบ The Less Stress Strategy Process

Sam Chavez
Sam Chavez

The Less Stress Strategy Process

The last three years have been a tumultuous time for most industries. Non-profit communications, especially digital outreach, have not been spared from the cloud of uncertainty after rapid changes brought on by greedy corporate interests on the heels of an unprecedented pandemic.

Modern-day communications require organizations and activists to be experts in the rails at which we communicate. Itโ€™s no longer possible to reach a wide audience easily and organizations have to be smart about the social media, email, websites, media, and places where they put their messages so they can be heard by the right people.

The pandemic era has made this much harder. Social mediaโ€™s rapid dominance could not have been predicted. The crumbling of traditional television has left a vacuum. And most of us are at the whims of algorithms impacting what content is deemed โ€œprofessionalโ€ by the conservative, mostly male CEOs in tech and media.

2023 pulled us in all kinds of directions! Finding the perfect social media platforms for your message as user experience deteriorates, understanding new email requirements, and more. Like Prince, Twitter tried to turn itself into a symbol but has thus far failed. Meta defied expectations with Threads only to see its active users plummet. Algorithms are changing and influencing what social and political issues get amplified and which ones get buried. All while AI looms in the distance.

Itโ€™s hard to know which channels organizations need to be on. Is it still appropriate for more progressive organizations to be on Twitter? Will I miss my fundraising or conversion goal because I donโ€™t join Threads? Why did my reach suddenly drop? Should I be on many platforms or only focus on a few?

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